Occupational medicine examinations are obligatory for both: employer and employee. All occupational medicine examinations, performed in Certus Private Hospital comply with applicable laws.

Caring for employers, we provide complite examination in one day, within few hours by appointment at one of our four facilities.

Occupational medicine services at the workplace, where there are no harmful factors include:
  1. Examination by Occupational medicine physician: preoccupational, periodical or check-up;
  2. Lab wark: complete blood count, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), urinalysis;
  3. Chest X-Ray;
Depending on the harmful factors occurring in the workplace, in accordance with the law additional medical services are required, such as:
  1. consultation of a otolaryngologyst
  2. consultation of a ophthalmologyst
  3. consultation of a neurologyst
  4. audiometry (hearing test)
  5. spirometry
  6. resting EKG
  7. glucose level
  8. cholesterol level
  9. liver tests
  10. blood film
  11. stool sample analysis for parasites and infectious diseases
  12. psychotechnical examination.
We guarantee the employer and the emloyee:
  1. collection and storage of medical records relating to examinations of employees
  2. convenient terms of examinations,
  3. complexity of services,
  4. reliability of services,
  5. availability of services.
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