Certus Private Hospital is the first private hospital in Poland.
On the market of medical services we operate from 7 January 1992, offering modern methods of treatment, experienced medical staff, very good conditions of stay and patient-friendly atmosphere.

Hospital offers patients rooms 1 and 2-bed, private bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi into 3 departments: General, Urological and Surgical.

Oddział Ogólny Head of General Department is Doctor of Medical Science - Grzegorz Bajko - internal medicine specialist.

General Department is focused on short-term and complete diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases.

We also deal:
  • diagnosis of coronary heart disease
  • diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • treatment of some neurological disorders
  • diagnosis of obstruction of the genital tract - hysterosalpingography (HSG)

General Department offers also One day stay check-up a comprehensive review of health status according to gender and age of patient - see more

Contact: +48 (61) 8-604-330.
Oddział Urologiczny Head of Urology Department - Michał Jurasz MD - Urologist.

Our physicians of the Urology Department specialize, among others, in:
  • laser treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (Green Laser),
  • electroresection of prostate tumors, 
  • ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URS),
  • RIRS (retrograde intrarenal surgery).
In addition, we are one of the few hospitals in Poland and the only one in Greater Poland, which is cancer treatment using NanoKnife on prostate, liver and pancreas.

Contact: +48 (61) 8-604-330.

Oddział Zabiegowy
Surgical department are performed such treatments as:
  • general and laparoscopic surgery (including hernia surgeries, removal of the gallbladder or appendectomy),
  • vascular surgery (varicose veins treatments, treatment of hyperhidrosis of limbs, treatment of non-healing wounds using the negative pressure),
  • orthopaedics (arthroscopy, reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament – ACL, endoprosthesoplasty of the hip and knee joints, operations diseases of the spine, limb lengthening and treatment of fractures by the Ilizarov method)
as well as pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, oncology and gynecology, otolaryngology and proctology,

In addition, we are one of the few hospitals in Poland and the only one in Greater Poland, which is cancer treatment using NanoKnife. We made so far 13 operations on prostate, liver and pancreas.

Contact: + 48 (61) 8-604-430.
Centrum Endoskopii In the area of the Hospital operates as well Endoscopy Center that performs diagnostic examinations of the gastrointestinal tract:

Contact: +48 (61) 8-604-391.