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Certus - a reliable partner in health care.

Our clinics

Hospital and outpatient clinic

60-309 Poznań
Grunwaldzka Street 156
T.: (48 61) 8-604-200

Medical Centre No 1

60-406 Poznań
Dąbrowskiego Street 262/280
T.: (48 61) 8-604-200

Medical Centre No 2

61-369 Poznań
Wagrowska Street 6
T.: (48 61) 8-604-200

Medical Centre No 3

62-020 Swarzędz
Poznańska Street 15
T.: (48 61) 8-604-200
The Certus Private Hospital is the first multi-speciality, non-state hospital in Poland. We have been operating on the market of medical services from January 7, 1992, offering advanced treatment methods, experienced medical staff, very good conditions for stay and a patient-friendly atmosphere.

The Hospital is housed in a detached, three-story building with its own parking, situated in an area with a good access, close to the down-town. The institution features an outpatient clinic and three hospital departments: general, urology and surgical.

In 2003, the hospital was certified with Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 by TÜV Rheinland, confirming continual improvement of patient service. Our quality policy says: “Our goal is to develop activity on the market of medical services as a reliable hospital, focusing on a proper quality of services provided to our patients”
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