Szanowni Państwo, informujemy, że Szpital i Ambulatorium PL CERTUS ul. Grunwaldzka 156 jest czynne w godzinach 07:00-21:30.
Za utrudnienia przepraszamy, Dyrekcja EMC Certus
Hospital and outpatient clinic, Grunwaldzka Street 156

A visit to the physician doesn't need registration, doctor is available around the clock.

  • Marek Winckiewicz MD Phd
  • Piotr Szabłowski MD
  • Magdalena Hercka MD
  • Krystyna Janusz MD
  • Mariusz Sykała MD
A visit to the doctor in other locations requires registration to arrange an appointment. Telephone registration number 48 61 8 604 200. Attention! From Monday to Friday between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM there are changes in consulting physicians, so the waiting time for an appointment may be longer.

Medical Centre No 2, Wagrowska Street 6

Physician Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan Plichta MD - 14:00-17:00 - - 08:00-11:00

Medical Centre No 3, Poznańska Street 15 (Swarzędz)

Physician Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tadeusz Półchłopek MD 08:00-16:00 - 13:00-17:45 - -