Among the experienced specialists cooperating with CERTUS Private Clinic are general surgeons, who accept in Poznan, as well as in Swarzedz. They provide effective treatment of chronic diseases and emergencies, both in outpatient (outpatient clinics) and inpatient (surgical treatment) settings. A general surgeon not only has extensive knowledge and broad medical skills, but also performs many, often complex, surgical procedures. These include major procedures in the abdominal cavity, for example, as well as minor procedures involving the placement of sutures.

Scheduled surgeries take place in the Surgical Department at CERTUS. The outpatient clinic, which operates from 07:00 to 20:00, according to the admission schedule, is located in the Outpatient Clinic in Poznan, at 156 Grunwaldzka Street.

The General Surgery Outpatient Clinic is also located at Medical Center No. 2 (Poznan) and Medical Center No. 3 (Swarzedz).
Admissions - Outpatient Clinic 156 Grunwaldzka St.
tel: 61 8 604 200

A visit to a surgeon at PL CERTUS facilities requires a prior appointment in registration in person or by phone at 61 8 604 200.

The following physicians are admitted to the Surgical Clinic:
- MD Phd. Marek Winckiewicz
- MD. Magdalena Hercka - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 8:00-13:30
- MD. Mariusz Sykała,  - Mondays 8:00-13:30
- MD. Prysiazhniuk Volodymir
- MD Phd, Łukaszuk Mirosław
- MD. Jan Plichta
- MD. Blaszek Lukasz


Medical Centre No 2, Wagrowska Street 6

Physician Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan Plichta MD - 14:00-17:00 - - 08:00-11:00

Medical Centre No 3, Poznańska Street 15 (Swarzędz)

Physician Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tadeusz Półchłopek MD - 08:00-18:00 - 08:00-18:00 -