Sobota 03.06.2023r. Ambulatorium czynne w godz. 07:00- 14:00. Od 08.06.2023r. do 11.06.2023r. Szpital zamknięty.
08.06.2023r. Ambulatorium zamknięte. Od 10.06.2023r. do 11.06.2023r. Ambulatorium czynne w godz. 07:00 – 15:00
The General Department is focused on short-term and complete diagnostics as well as treatment of internal diseases such us:
  • circulatory diseases,
  • metabolic diseases,
  • respiratory tract and alimentary canal diseases,
  • some neurological diseases
  • hyperplasia,
  • diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea,
  • diagnosis of obstruction of the genital tract - hysterosalpingography (HSG).
In the General Department of our Hospital we also offer One day stay check-up - comprehensive review of health status, depending on patient age and gender.

Contact: +48 (61) 8-604-330.